Our Organization


Founded in 2009, we have grown from serving four specialist providers to over 400 providers and 15 organizations.

Keystone Medical is a comprehensive revenue cycle management and practice management partner to private, specialist healthcare organizations.  In 2018, we influenced over $200 million in revenues. We shape our strategy and processes around our mission to transform the healthcare industry through innovation and collaboration.

To us, success doesn’t look like a number or a destination, it’s simply the consistent and ongoing expansion of our circle of influence within the healthcare community and the growing number of teams we impact. 

We strive for lifetime client retention.  We don’t focus on growing fast, we focus on growing smart and healthy. It takes longer, but we build deeper roots, promote long term revenue sustainability and build foundations for long-term collaboration, innovation and growth.

Connecting healthcare teams, industry experts and resources, and focusing on solutions over process, allows us to consistently deliver outstanding outcomes with agility, creativity and scalability.  To accomplish this, we’ve centered our business around two values: invest in people and find solutions.


Strategic Anchors

Relentlessly focusing on results and clients’ return on investment.
Investing in relationships internally and externally.
Partnering with our clients to provide resources beyond revenue cycle management.