Our Services


We create and support workflows that allow practices to improve financial performance and support sustainability.

Today’s medical practices face an ever-shifting landscape of revenue challenges and obstacles. Luckily, our forward-thinking team offers an array of support services designed to meet the needs of your practice. From the moment your services are rendered, our team monitors every claim to ensure that you receive the highest reimbursement possible, in the shortest amount of time.

We’ve eliminated technical support hassles, software costs and constant updates with our cloud-based service package. Our knowledgeable team works with your practice staff to decrease liability, and improve existing documentation to help prevent audit liability. Best of all, our competitive rates allow you to choose the services that best fit the size and scope of your practice’s needs.


Our Services

Increase Revenue | Reduce Reimbursement Delays | Support Ongoing Growth | Improve Patient Experience


Standard Billing Package Includes:

Practice Management Suite +

A robust web-based Practice Management software that includes full scheduling and demographics module, full access to real time financials and reporting, online patient portal, and full remote access, any time and anywhere.

Daily Claim Submission +

All available charges are audited for quality assurance, scrubbed against federal and payor specific coding guidelines, and submitted electronically at the end of each business day.

Daily Payment Posting +

Incoming patient and insurance payments are reviewed for accuracy and posted accurately by line item daily. Our reimbursement team coordinates with office staff and accounting to balance daily, weekly and monthly.

Denial Tracking +

All incoming denials are verified for accuracy. Valid denials are documented with trackable codes that are reported monthly. All other denials are quickly appealed or corrected and tracked monthly until claims are paid in full.

Insurance A/R Management +

All outstanding insurance claims are reviewed if they age past 30 days. Claims are reviewed monthly until paid. All activity relating to outstanding accounts is documented in detail, and available to view in real time. Clients are apprised of the status of all outstanding accounts on a monthly basis.

Patient A/R Management +

Patient statements are generated daily. All patient accounts aging over 60 days receive monthly courtesy calls and are monitored within our stringent soft collections process.

Customer Service +

Friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives available daily via phone and email to assist staff and patients with questions and issues. Each practice receives their own local, dedicated phone number for their patients and staff to call.

Monthly Reporting +

Detailed financial reports generated monthly to track production, collections, revenue trends, A/R status, potential insurance payment discrepancies and more. Financial reports are customizable per practice.


How healthy is your revenue cycle?

Today is a great day to start tracking the financial health of your practice. By answering a few simple questions, we can provide you with actionable insight that will help you increase revenue and improve collections.