We offer solution focused, relationship centric, revenue support services.
In a crowded industry, we stand out for all the best reasons.


How we Keystone

At Keystone Medical, we believe that people and practices CAN. We invest time and resources to encourage innovation and improve collaboration with our clients and teams – and the results speak for themselves. We work shoulder to shoulder with you, your teams and your patients to redefine your practice and its revenue cycle from beginning to end. That’s how we Keystone.



We are on a mission to transform the healthcare industry by investing in people over processes and leveraging the collective wisdom of passionate teams. 



Our clients experience 98.5%, or higher, net collection rates.  We track their anticipated revenue and ensure every penny is collected.



Keystone ensures that our clients’ balances aged over 90 days remain at 15% or less of their total accounts receivable balances.


Practice Tips 


How healthy is your revenue cycle?

Today is a great day to start tracking the financial health of your practice. By answering a few simple questions, we can provide you with actionable insight that will help you increase revenue and improve collections.