Imagine being able to help every family…

Keystone Medical can increase your ability to partner with more families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder.



The need for treatment and support for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has never been greater.

A nationwide shortage of BCBA’s, and inconsistent state coverage mandates and resources, have created numerous obstacles for families impacted by ASD. To increase your ability to partner with more families, you must balance excellent delivery of care with consistent and sustainable revenue growth. Outstanding revenue cycle performance is a key metric for continued growth.

Keystone Medical has a proven track record of reducing reimbursement obstacles and supporting future revenue growth by improving revenue cycle performance. We achieve outstanding results by recruiting and retaining excellent team members, utilizing technology to improve results and efficiency, and creating a high-touch experience for our employees, clients and their clients.

The team at Keystone has been great to work with. They are knowledgeable, courteous and quick to respond. I appreciate Keystone’s willingness to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and help us solve problems and implement new processes. They are a great partner to our business!
— Larry Ekdahl, Director of Patient Financial Services, Caravel Autism Health

How we Keystone

We are passionate, curious, risk-takers, who are fiercely committed to helping healthcare organizations thrive through collaboration and innovation. We partner with organizations to create long term relationships that improve financial performance and support long term sustainability. 

By increasing communication between families, teams and payers, we eliminate unnecessary delays and front end claim errors. Keystone leverages technology to increase the speed of claims processing, increase visibility into key processes and engage families in a transparent way. Like…

  • 98.5% or higher net reimbursement rate

  • 98% clean claims rate

  • Average 25 days in AR

  • AR 10% or less over 90+


We’re ready to help.

Today is a great day to start tracking the financial health of your organization. By answering a few simple questions, we can provide you with actionable insight that will help you increase revenue and improve collections.